Arnaud Andrieu (Paris, 1980) is a French-Dutch photojournalist currently based in Istanbul, Turkey. He covers news, conflict and social issues. He is represented by Sipa Press for the past five years and freelances international newspapers and magazines. 

Arnaud studied architecture at La Cambre in Brussels, Belgium. After working for three years in offices, he changed direction and devoted himself to documentary photography. In 2012, he started working as a local press photographer in Reunion Island, Indian Ocean. In 2016, he moved to Istanbul, to capture through a narrative approach the political climate and social impact of conflict in the Middle East and the rapid changes in Turkey since the failed coup. 

Aside from news and features, he also shoots some travel and sports stories.  

His pictures have been published in several magazines and newspapers, above all Le Figaro Magazine, L’Express, Der Spiegel, Paris-Match, Libération and The Guardian.