Arnaud Andrieu is a French freelance photojournalist currently based out of Panama, whose work is mainly focused on social issues, migration and conflict internationally. He has been represented by Sipa Press in Paris for the last nine years. 

Arnaud had a first professional life in architecture, before starting his photographic career in 2012 as a local press photographer on Reunion Island, in the Indian Ocean. In 2016, he moved to Istanbul, to concentrate on international reporting in the Middle East and to capture the rapid changes in Turkey since the 2016 failed coup. From 2019 to 2021, he was a photo editor for Le Monde at the Los Angeles bureau, in California. 

Assignments and personal projects have taken him to Iraq, West Bank, Turkey, Armenia, Comoros, the USA... He has been featured in Le Monde, Le Figaro Magazine, L'Express, Libération, Paris Match, The Guardian, Der Spiegel and more. 

Arnaud is a RISC graduate and holds the CCIJP press card.